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Who are we?

THIEN Y PACKAGING CO.,LTD was established in 2012, to be a member of Fideco corporation, one of the largest manufacturing companies of PP woven bag in Vietnam and to be the pioneer manufacturing company of PP woven bag field with the Ad*Star technology of Europe.

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Operation field

In domestic and international market of PP woven bag, Thien Y packaging is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative, quality and experiences in business and manufacturing field of PP woven bag on Ad*Star technology, as well as traditional PP woven bags, PP woven bags laminated film,… for packaging such as cement, construction coat, taical, cattle feed, poultry feed, shrimp and fish feed, rice, fertilizer, flour, salt, sugar, chemicals, agricultural products,…

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Our vision

With enthusiastic and experience staffs, as well as flexible business and manufacturing methods, Thien Y packaging will continue to strive to development as more as possible and service customers better, accompany with customers to focus on core business activities and more success. 

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