Block Bottom PP Woven Bag (AD STAR PP Bag)


Block bottom PP woven bag (AD STAR PP bag)


  • PP woven fabric is coated PP resin layer.
  • The top and bottom of bag is sealed by the rectangle PP woven fabric patch and will be the block shape after packaging . At the same time, a valve is also created at corner of the top of bag and this valve is closed by itself.
  • The bag is printed with Flexo technology for both sides, the images and colors can be customized.



  • The price is cheaper than the same capability bags.
  • The high packing capacity, the low packing cost.
  • In future, the investment and research of packing technologies will orient based on the Ad*Star bags.
  • Anti-imitation and anti-fake of products.
  • Isolating the goods with environment better and reducing loss of the goods powders in packing process.
  • The high strength and impact, the low break.
  • Nice design, catching- eye, modern, suit with the epoch trend.

Usage: for packaging such as cement, construction coat, taical, flour, chemical and so on.

Load: 25 – 50 Kg

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