Block Bottom Valve PK bags

AD*STAR® is the renowned block bottom sack made without adhesives from coated polypropylene fabric – patented worldwide by Starlinger and made exclusively on Starlinger machines. The sack can be produced either as a one-layer block bottom valve bag or as an open mouth bag with a block bottom.

The vision of an all-purpose sack has come true, as the AD*STAR® bag can be used for all types of free-flowing goods such as cement, building materials, fertilizer, chemicals, or resin as well as flour, sugar, or animal feed.
Robust, versatile, and eco-friendly, the AD*STAR® sack has gained impressive market shares in different markets since its introduction.


  • The price is cheaper than the same capability bags.
  • The high packing capacity, the low packing cost.
  • In future, the investment and research of packing technologies will orient based on the Ad*Star bags.
  • Anti-imitation and anti-fake of products.
  • Isolating the goods with environment better and reducing the loss of the goods powders in the packing process.
  • The high strength and impact, the low break.
  • Nice design, catching- eye, modern, suit with the epoch trend.

Green Environment

The economical use of raw material, the extremely low breakage rate, the recyclability or reusability of the sacks: Each ecological advantage is also reflected as an economical advantage.
As a result of the material characteristics and the special production process, the weight of an average 50 kg AD*STAR® cement sack can be as low as 75g. A comparable 3-layer paper bag will weigh about 180g and a PE-film bag 150g. An economical use of raw material not only helps minimize cost, it is also a valuable contribution to the preservation of our environment.